fine handmade jewellery and creative works of gill cordiner



When I say handmade, I MEAN it. None of my components is manufactured by anyone except me (of course chains come ready made), but really I do it all to a ridiculous degree. I do enjoy making everything, so on some pieces you will see the variations and idiosyncrasies that are the hand of Gill. All my work varies slightly so no two items are the same. I don’t ever make things exactly the same – where is the fun in that!


All my metals are recycled. That’s the great thing about these metals – if I make something I don’t like I melt it down and “Hey Presto” I roll it out, make a sheet and start all over. Nothing is wasted. I throw nothing away so rest assured that not only are you supporting a local artisan but your carbon footprint is tiny like an ant – Bravo!

chain or thong?

That IS the question. I have chains of all lengths and both black and coloured leather thongs. Please just say what you fancy and I’ll make sure you have it.

how do I place an order?

You can go directly to the checkout and pay via PayPal. Alternatively, if you have a commission or a made to order piece just contact me via the contact page and I’ll get back to you with the item details. If you have any questions about a piece that you need clarifying before purchase please just ask away.

payment and shipping

I have a flat rate of $5 postage for orders up to $200.00. Postage is free for any purchase over $200!

returns & refunds

Hey if for any reason you’re unhappy with something or you change your mind I’m happy to work out a return and refund. Just get in touch and we can work it out from there (although I can’t imagine for the life of me why you wouldn’t be thrilled!)